Electronic devices

A Pawn Shop You Can Trust

Are you in need of some money? Don't worry! We have a convenient short-term cash solution. Just pawn your valuable items and borrow money quickly and confidentially from us. 

Whether you need a few bucks to pay your bills or a bigger sum to pay for an emergency, let us be your one-stop destination for your short-term money needs.

Pawn Anything of Value and Take Cash

At T & B Pawn & Gun Shop, we lend money on anything that's interesting and carries a value.

We accept valuables like guns, jewelry, musical instruments, TVs, stereos, video gaming systems, tablets, laptops, ATVs, snowmobiles, power tools, hand tools, auto mechanic tools, fishing gear, ice fishing gear, and more!

30-Day Window to Repay the Loan

When you pawn your valuables with us, relax knowing you have 30 days to repay the loan and take your valuable item back. 

After the 30-day window, your item will be at our discretion. We can either choose to keep it or sell it. 
We're a Locally Owned and Operated Business!
Are you looking to buy used musical instruments? We have a wide collection of guitars from beginner to experienced. Visit us today at 2530 1st Ave.

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